37 inches of rain in 24 hours

I can't imagine that type of rainfall rate. The power of a flood is just as mesmerizing to me as a tornado. It has a roar of its own, pushing houses off of foundations, picking up cars and carrying them for miles, and lifting the heaviest of objects. It is amazing watching a three-foot wide creek become a quarter-mile wide whitewater river, its distinctive silty smell annoucing its presence as you approach. Being close to a rushing flash flood is a chase experience that for me rates right up there with a hurricane, tornado and intense lightning storm. Unfortunately they have a tendency to be more deadly and more destructive than their wind-based counterparts.
I can almost imagine it. We had some intense rain here in Okinawa recently. Luckily, no one was injured, and damage was limited to some hillsides subsiding. It also rained about 200 ml the previous day and the following 2 days. Constant heavy rain. Such heavy rain causes little problems here due to the nature of the terrain. The longest river in the prefecture is about 19 Km, so the river reaches the sea before it gets a chance to flood anywhere. The constant rain and steady lightning for 5 days was a very interesting experience. After a few days your whole attitude becomes damp!

From the local news...

June 17th …………………Record setting heavy rains at 722ml in June

A seasonal rain front lingering over the Pacific brought heavy rainfall in Okinawa. Rainfall totals in Naha City were at 722ml within 24 hours from 6pm to 5pm, which was the heaviest rain in 113 years since Okinawa Meteorological Observatory had started.

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