3/29/04: REPORTS: NE/MO

Thundershowers in Lincoln NE

Hello Chasers,

I know the major action is in SW Missouri right now, but I wanted to share a few photos with you. These are shots of a line of thunderstorms that moved thru Lincoln NE this afternoon. I walked three blocks north to a elementary school playground where I got a great view to the north where the storm line was moving in from the northwest. Does this count as a storm chase or not??

What was interesting was how short and compact the storms were. The first photo showed the height of the cloud itself. There were no CG lightning and very little wind involved. I did see some aqua/green color in the base of the rain downdraft when the cloud got nearer. I later heard reports of pea-size hail and moderate rain from the storms as they passed thru Lincoln NE. Note how the top edges of the cloud structure has "feathered out" as the storm matures.

The second photo showed the school playground in the foreground and the cloud with the rain/hail downdraft in the background. The sun was partly hidden by the base clouds so I want to apologize for the poor contrast. Fortunately, the kids were already back inside and they were getting ready for school dismissal. The storm clouds probably made the parents, waiting in their cars, a little anxious about getting their little kids home before the storms comes thru.

The third photo showed a thundercloud going thru a similar phase that the first photo showed. Again note the short compact size of the cloud. For lack of a better term, I'm calling these thunderclouds "Shortstacks".

OK, I have the URLs for the photos:


Thanks to Dave D., I've already corrected a access problem to the Yahoo album. Enjoy!! 8) Larry.
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Thanks Dave D. for the assist on the photos. 8) Larry
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Originally posted by Larry J. Kosch
Thanks Dave D. for the assist on the photos. 8) Larry

I was going to fix it where it would show here Larry, but when you click the links yahoo says the file is inaccessible. :?:
I got to witness one of these storms coming in.

I wasn't even paying attention to the weather when I heard thunder. I jumped online real quick and saw a line of thunderstorms coming in. I grabbed my camera and headed outside of town to get some pics.

I sat in a gas station parking lot on top of a hill about a mile W of El Dorado Springs, MO. The storm was coming in from the west. Nothing too exciting seemed to be going on. I took some pictures of the clouds. I noticed a slight bit of rotation in one of the storms. I wasn't really sure if I was seeing things or not. I kept watching, and saw a section of clouds slowly make a large circle. They began to turn a purplish color. I snapped some pictures, and then my camera battery went dead. Nothing ever formed, and the storm passed quickly. Lots of pea size hail.

Even though I didn't get to actually chase, just driving out to that hill was a feat for me. I'm still very scared of storms since the tornado in Parsons, but I'm hoping with each storm this season, I will get a little braver and braver so I can begin to enjoy them like I once did. I'll stick with local storms for this season.