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Dan Robinson

Thunderstorms with marginal but frequent lightning moved through Kentucky and West Virginia Thursday evening. This event brought my second chase of 2004 and my first 'real' thunderstorm of the season. Although these were not by any means breathtakingly intense (especially by Plains standards), it was great to get back into a storm after 6 months without a good dose of lightning. Nothing very photogenic tonight however, just plenty of flashes, heavy rain and rolling thunder. Here is a video frame capture from the dashcam, near Huntington, West Virginia between 7 and 8PM EST:


RealVideo clip, 6.4MB:

Earlier on Thursday I was totally engrossed in work and not paying attention to the wx situation; a big thanks to Bill Coyle for alerting me to this unexpected development (mostly outside of the 2000Z Gen Tstm risk area, temps in the 50s, cloudy and gloomy all afternoon).

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