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3/11/07 REPORTS: TX/OK

Jason A.C. Brock

Decided to post a brief report on the severe storms that moved accross SW OK and Western North TX since the adrenaline is still going too much to sleep. I headed out towards the Vernon Texas area to meet the severe line of storms that was moving into Wilbarger county about 2am (I guess actually 3am with time change) as I did I stopped at the Wilbarge/ Wichita County Line to take some lightning pics as well as watch what was actually a nice looking gustfront. It was elevated ut stil had some good structure to it. I also was listening to scanner reports from up around the Tipton and Manitou and Altus areas of reports of lowerings and wind gusts from 70-78 mph at Altus AFB. I also heard a spotter report seeing a funnel cloud but I am unsure if it was an accurate report. I followed the storms from around the Electra Texas area east jsut staying ahead of them actually stopping from time to time to take lighting pics. I finally called off the chase around Jolly Texas in Clay county as their are few good spots East of Wichita Falls to look back towards the West along 287 it seems.
Anyways it was a nice nightime chase. I will probabaly be kicking myself later wishing I had slept and headed down to Abiliene or San Angelo where a couple of Isolated Sups could occur. Those heading down there be careful and keep an eye out for flash flooding on the way home as well as wildhogs.....the number of Wildhogs down there has gotten almost scarry driving back at night. A 400 lb hog can do some bad bad damage to even large trucks.....I cant even imagine what something like a Geo metro would have done to it....
Anyways with some luck maybe there will be some more severe storms in the Wichita Falls area this afternoon een if they are only marginal.
I have the lightning pics posted on my myspace page under my profile and pics. The link to my myspace page is at http://www.texhomastormchasers.com