3/10/07 REPORTS: KS

Nov 6, 2004
Dodge City, KS
My first chase of 2007 was a short, impromptu journey south of Dodge City. Storms formed in an environment with lower 40s dewpoints, however with mid level temps so cold and such strong forcing for upward vertical motion present, every single J/kg of what little CAPE there was present was released... I intercepted a tail-end charlie storm of the SW KS bunch (the other action was over the TX Panhandle region) right around sunset. The storm had decent high-based structure south of Minneola before it got too dark. The lightning was fantastic with this storm, and I got a few decent CC-IC shots as well as a few CGs. A fun little chase to get my feet wet and to test out some new software (beta testing StormLab 4)


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Photos from this chase

I have processed my images from this chase. They can be found at this link within my photo gallery on underthemeso.com...


Here's one of the CGs I happened to capture... barely got it in the frame, and I had to do some fairly substantial cropping... with good glass the Nikon D200 (10mp) is an incredible camera allowing you to crop like this and get good results..