3/04/06 - REPORT - NE

Mar 22, 2004
Curtis, NE
Fun early season chase today. I was not expecting much more than some marginal severe hailers. I did get into some pea size hail after dark and there were a couple severe hail reports in SC NE. The best part of this chase was the several hour light show I was treated to compliments of Ma Nature.

In the first shot you can see that the "chase" is on :)







Dean Cosgrove
Great shots!

That was a nice little storm that passed through lancaster county last night/early morning around 2:00 am. I was actually at work while it happened. Decent lightning show and some pea size hail.

Nebraska is off to a nice start. I've already got a feeling this year is going to be much better than last. Just a feeling though...
I went out and got some video of the pea-sized hail that fell in Lincoln last night. The lightning wasn't too awfully bad around 2:30 a.m. or so. I just found it kinda funny I was standing outside trying to get some lightning shots with winter gloves on. It was about 37 degrees F when the storm went through.
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The robins are back in southwest Nebraska and the storms soon follow. This first batch of storms provided some much needed rain, a little small hail, and lightning. It was sure nice to hear the thunder again. These pictures were shot near Bertrand, NE.



Wow, nice pictures, guys! I can, unfortunately, only stare at my screen in envy, and try to imagine the sound of thunder, as we are still up to our armpits in snow here (with a fresh dump just yesterday) :(

But hey, I've got some frequent flyer miles to use up, and while I was originally planning on waiting until May to head down to the Plains, I may not be able to wait that long!