2023-06-24 REPORTS: MN/IA

Jul 27, 2012
Grand Forks, ND
It has been a while since I've had anything worth making a report about. Whether due to a lot of Mother Nature being a failure, chase day screw-ups on my part, and mistimed vacations its been a terrible last three years of attempted chasing for me. I finally caught a break on a day with little instability or overall shear. The setup had a warm front extending north-east from a upper low roughly 100 miles to the sw. Two low-topped micro supercells attached themselves to this warm front and lifted north with it, the precip cores on these storms were only a few miles across. My storm actually became a cyclic tornado producer with at least three tornado cycles of which I caught the last two. I finally saw two simultaneous tornados at once which is a first for me, one of which extended out horizontally from the inflow band and persisted for quite awhile. These were all weak but very visible tornadoes and even though one touches down on top of a farmstead in my video, it appears to cause little damage fortunately. Overall a great something from nothing day for me.