2014-06-07 MISC: IL/MO/TN

Jan 14, 2011
St. Louis
It appears that Saturday June 7 was a legitimate mini-outbreak of tornadoes in Missouri and Illinois. Some of the tornadoes are not in official reports, and like similar events of this type in this region (low-topped convection) it's likely many more occurred that were not observed/reported.

Here are some of the instances of tornadoes from this event that I have found so far:

Owensville, MO tornado:

Red Bud, Illinois great storm structure and tornado:

Clear slot/rapidly rotating funnel/wall cloud in Christian County, IL:

St. Louis (Earth City-Hazelwood), Livingston IL and Highland IL (from ST reports thread):

Another angle of Earth City-Hazelwood tornado:

St. Peters, MO tornado (also in STL metro, same storm as Earth City tornado):

Hamel, Illinois tornado:
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Here are archived Level III radar images from this event from KLSX. (Click images for large versions). This of the Earth City supercell/tornado:

The storm of the day in the STL area was the Red Bud supercell/tornado, which had the strongest velocity couplet, the best-looking structure and the largest tornado of the event:

The Earth City storm was very close to the St. Louis TWDR site (TSTL), but this data will not be available until later today when the NCDC updates the archives. I'll update with this and the Level II data from the Red Bud, Hamel, Highland and Owensville storms which should also be up later today.
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I'm a little curious about that plane that flew through the circulation - I would think someone watching the TWDR would have warned them to change course and circle around. Interesting indeed that there were that many tornadoes with such a modest-appearing setup.
Here is the radar from TSTL (St. Louis Terminal Doppler site). This radar is located just across the river next to Highway 370 and was very close to the tornado, 2 miles from it at the start.