2005 Ohio Severe Weather Symposium Presentations Online

Hey everyone,

For anyone interested, some of the actual presentations that were given at the 2005 Ohio Severe Weather Symposium are available to view online for free. The link to it is:


From this link you will be able to access the presentations to:

Robin Belton-Gerhardt - Meteorologist, Wilmington, OH NWSFO
Dr. Harold Brooks - NSSL
Dr. Louis Uccellini - Director of NCEP
Dan McCarthy - WCM of Storm Prediction Center
Dr. Josh Wurman - Center for Severe Weather Research

I want to thank all of you that were able to make it to the conference and I hope you will come back next year for the 10th Anniversary Symposium.
Awesome thanks alot. I would like to say it was a wonderful conference indeed. I had alot of fun.
Cool presentations! I especially liked Dr. Wurman's PDF... Some VERY interesting things in there... I'm particularly amazed by his May 29th 2004 Geary OK radar imagery... Measuring NON-TORNADIC winds of 179mph at 7m above ground (and 195mph at 12m) is incredible. Well, I suppose it's not necessarily "non-tornadic", but it doesn't seem to be a true tornado, so it may be more of a tornadocyclone or mesocyclone-on-the-ground type of deal. Whatever the case, it's amazing. It was also neat to see DOW imagery from forest fires and hurricanes. Interesting to read about his deep skepticism regarding hurricane wind speeds (e.g. winds in Ivan compared to F0, MAYBE F1, tornadoes, certainly not supportive of the >100mph winds thought to be present).