2005 Chase Video: Dark Times

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My 2005 chase video is finally done(yeah yeah I know it is still early). Biggest event on it is by far the June 9 Hill City KS tornadic supercell. A storm I'd argue was the best looking tornadic supercell of the year. Not because I got it, but because I think that to be true. I NEVER get to say that on something I get, lol. I screwed up enough other days I don't feel bad at all getting to see this storm. Anyway I really like that storm and there is about 35 minutes of it on here(includes 10 minutes of the Stockton stuff). You just have to see this storm, lol. What is most amazing is to watch a radar loop of this event and note what that storm was going through and having to deal with. A lot of convection was blowing up just south of it on the dl and being pushed northward into this nasty storm. Amazing what it dealt with and survived, and yet quite scary to think of what it would have done had that not been going on. The top of that V shape tornado you see in the account(where it is its largest size) is amazingly wide up at the cloud base. Right when it got big there I think it really wanted to plant something that whole size on the ground. But right at this same time it is getting absolutely hammered by convection flying north just south of it. It'd lose its balance and condensed tornado only for it to come poking back out once it got through that "updraft"(likely elevated felars from the south). Video was shot to the northeast of both these storms, at Hill City and at Stockton. Anyway.....

There are several other storms on the video but that one is the meat of it. As always there is a digital photography section with some hi-res images to music. This section includes 119 images from the year. In this are several pretty cool images of the May 15 extreme geomagnetic storm(Auroras). This event was as extreme as it gets, as far as I know. From around midnight till around 4:30 a.m. the sky was simply amazing. Everyone needs to see something like that at least once. Violets are rare as I understand it and they were quite strong during the end of this one.

A more detailed list can be seen here:

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