2/23/07 DISC: TX / KS / OK

The more I think about it, there may have been some flanking-line convection that developed and moved into the main body of the storm. I suppose I'll figure it out when I review radar imagery tomorrow.

Jeff, that's exactly it. Another supercell (I think it was) formed as the first cell was cycling and slipped behind it. Greg Stumpf and I were on the same storm and in the same area and at times were confused by what was what (on top of repositioning from a W/E to NE/SW to N/S line). However, looking at the radar, the most intense rotation was with the 2nd cell (I think it was the 2nd cell, a lot was going on at the time) slipping behind the first. We were just east of Quail when the 2nd meso looked wrapped up nicely. However the trees and terrain (and rain and lack of light) kept us from viewing the area where the tornado reports came from and we kept repositioning farther east to avoid hail (even though it was small, didn't want to chance it).
I'm still not sure if this DISC (Discussion) concept works, as it seems unnatural to post comments away from people's reports like we used to do on here. Regardless here are my thoughts / questions on this day.

With so many using Threatnet nowadays I am surprised that so many got the tornado at McClean on the middle storm (wasn't it?). The southern storm on Threatnet showed shear markers and 119 mph shear while (as I recall) the storm just to it's north that produced a tornado did not. I also saw a screen image from one of the chasers in the REPORTS thread that showed the next up from southern storm (call it the McClean storm) had a TVS on Grlevelx. I don't think Threatnet indicated any such thing did it? Does Threatnet have the ability to indicate a TVS? Now one difference I notice is the McClean storm had a Tornado Warning on it whereas I don't believe the Hedley cell ever did. Is this true?

Also, if two tornadoes were logged for Hedley, why were there no warnings? Does anyone have any pictures of the southern tornadoes?

Were all of these supercells? Someone mentioned that one of these was multi-cellular crap? How is this possible with TVS and Meso whirlies showing? Would this be just some type of localized shear forming a landspout tornado?
Well, speaking for Michael, Verne, and I; we sat at the McLean exit ramp for nearly 45 minutes. We watched the first storm go by and knew we had good shear (some striations in the storms), however the base looked a bit high. With a second storm coming, we stayed put under the impression that the first storm may've dropped the base of the second storm a bit.

To be honest, we nearly left a couple of times. The first time we were going to head east and get into better position, but hail tempted us to hang out. The second time, Verne wanted five more minutes; the tornado dropped in 3 minutes.

But yeah, between he and I, we had my Sprint tethered access to StormLab and Verne's Baron. With our position, the storms were training by us and we figured in the end, we just sit and let them do their thing. Paid off! :eek:)