2/20/07 NOW: TN / AR / MO / KY

This event is very enjoyable radar watching around Cairo IL.

Cell splitting occuring due to shear. Front cell is decent in terms of strength. Fun one to watch. I have not checked the basics to see if there is enough instability to continue.

got a cell south of sikeston now that appears to have rooted into the boundary layer. it appears to, over the last couple frames, be making a bit of a right turn. it also should be closer to the warm frontal boundary. could get a bit intersting...
I have a question for the "salty" radar guys. Would you say the cell in southern Calloway Co. is looking like its becoming more outflow dominate.
That thunderstorm thats about to enter TN. is looking impressive.

It's just too far to drive now.
i wouldn't ever think of making the drive for a night time straight line event, a couple 50mph wind gusts, and some dime sized hail just aint worth the gas $$$.
We had a ton of hail around my area. Lot of golfball size hail reports. My sister had hail cover the ground in Mayfield, KY with some car damage. KFVS Channel 12 shows hail larger than golfballs and windshields busted out of cars. Nasty night in the KPAH area.
Well, fun little pre-season event this evening. Not much in the way of wind, but lots of hail, with some large (golf ball +) being reported in various spots. I happened to luck into some pea size, (YEA! :S) caught em, and ate a few of em! LoL Not too smart, but oh well. Spring fever has hit hard. (Its good luck to eat the first hail of the season!!):cool:

Looks like all is calm now. With it pushing out the PAH area, time for me to review and rest.

Hopefully this little "exercise" will warm everyone up a bit just in case this weekend does go big.

yeah i've got a lot of family in carlisle, ballard, hickman, and graves counties. so far the largest reports i've heard from my family have been 1" in rural Nrn Ballard co. and 1" near mayfield. Beau, are you related to all of the Dodsons in that area? kinda curious to know if we're related or not.
Well, I've just completed my first convective chase bust of the season! These storms surprised even me by making it this far east. They are still chugging away into Knoxville now. I have to give props to the RUC for doing an impressive job with these storms tonight. I didn't really believe it when it showed the Kentucky convection not only sustaining itself, but expanding eastward across the mountains into NC and VA. But I checked lightning data one last time before bed around 12:45AM to see the display lit up across SE KY and SW VA. With it being February, I didn't hesitate to jump in the car and make the 2 hour drive south for what looked like a great lightning show for this time of year.

I made it to my target of Wytheville, VA just as the strikes began to fade from the display and the stronger echoes began turning more SE thanks to the cold front's push. First chase of 2007: 4 hours and 250 miles. I did see three flashes of lightning in the dying stratiform shield near Bluefield, WV.