Yeah Matt we know how in the South it's hard to stay on a good cell, from the terrain to roads going the wrong direction.

Apparently I was right about the southern boundary, but it took until evening. North Alabama and parts of Tennessee had a rough evening, mostly on the southern outflow boundary. WF acted as forecast earlier in the day.

Still I could hardly believe the radar around 9pm Eastern. Shrimp and kidney beans were everywhere in North Alabama, southern Tennessee and northwest Georgia. Most were rotating. Finally got the 15% at 20Z.
Same here Matt and I had a blast going up/down hills around Big Rock LOL. Clarksville is the worse town to get around in especially when storms have already came through. It was a tough chase with little to show for it but I enjoyed it overall. It's likely going to be a long time until I go back chasing near there LOL.
Interesting day, From what I gather there were maybe only a handful of significant tornadoes, Marysville KY, and east of Huntsville, AL the two most prominent examples. We crossed the damage path on I-65 east of Marysville. The ratio of tornado warnings to actual tornadoes may be pretty low, even after we get the surveys. Not blaming NWS, I think storm interactions prevented a lot of the supercells from really planting, also LL hear was fairly weak, we never were in very strong surface winds