2/16/07-2/17/07 NOW: Midwest (WINTER PRECIP)

Feb 19, 2004
Erie IL
Snow is just now beginning to fall here in Erie (about 25 miles northeast of Moline IL). What's interesting is an hour ago the sun was out with just some scattered high and advancing mid-level cloudiness. This band of snow that moved in didn't waste any time. Ceilings dropped from above 10,000 feet to a few thousand feet or less in about an hour's time. Pretty impressive.

Visibility dropped from 10 miles to 3/4 mile at Moline between the 4pm and 5pm observation. The "meat" of the band had yet to reach there at that time as well, so I'd expect the visibilities in the heart of that band to be well under a half mile.

We're expecting about 3 or 4 inches here tonight, but any enhanced snowbands (like the one currently moving in) may add to that total a bit.
Had a quick hit of moderate/heavy snow here in Overland Park..measured 2.75" of snow since 3pm. It's winding down now, but it was coming down ferociously for about an hour.
We picked up almost two inches in the northland... the ultra-slimey variety that is a real treat to drive in. Rear-wheel drive vehicles are having major problems getting up hills on side streets... including the one right outside my window. I've never been more ready for spring.
Very, very, treacherous here in E NE I just returned from going out and venturing around outside of Arlington NE, very bad idea. At one point I was actually worried (and that never happens). I was on a country road and could not see the hood of my car, I had to step out every 5 yards and walk just to make sure I was still on the road, meanwhile I could literally watch the drifts add up around me, the power of the wind was crazy plus the power the snow added was just rocking my vehicle like crazy, it also sounded like my vehicle was getting sandblasted and when I stepped outside it stung, needless to say I was glad to return home. Even here in town we have numerous branches down. Highest wind report I have seen is 56mph in Tekamah very near to my location, however I know some of the gusts blowing off the open fields out in the country are higher, throw in the added force thanks to the snow and its pretty crazy cool out there. I have seen a lot of people cruising around town tonight and I think a high school basketball game just got over I hope everyone takes it easy out there.
Up to about 1.5" so far from this system. Snowing pretty decently right now. I'd say visibilities are around 3/4 mile.

A few respectable bands of moderate snow showing up on radar in eastern IA, but for the most part there's mainly light snow showing up.

Here's a few quick shots out my front door and back door. Nothing too exciting but you get the idea. There's now about 11" of snow on the ground from all the previous systems...

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A few last pics now that the storm has moved on. If you look on the left part of the pictures you can see a ruler I stuck in the snow. Settled back to about 10.5" depth now.