12 November, video, pics, tornados!: Ames IA


Wow, love this home video, the first one in the .mpeg lost Storm 11-12-05. apparatly from a storm chaser according to the dialogue at the end of the video. Lengthy clip as well, and the sirens add to it. Of course excited children add the innocent dimension we all were in once before we took up chasing.

Noteworthy quote from kids:

"Dad, if we survive, show the tornado people" ;)
"Its spinning! You can see it swirling! SO cool!"
"(hysterical) Its on the ground! its flying! look!"
"looks like a perfect tornado"
"Now they sound the sirens" (Compare to Andover tornado clip ;) )

From the chaser:

"Thats the roar listen you can hear it!"
"gorgeous tornado!"
"look how fast that is thats a violent tornado"
"Is that a tree or a roof"
"The motion is just....its a violent tornado"

Some things about tornado videos will never change. ;)

Very good find, Mike.
I believe if that is the same clip that I am thinking of, it is taken by one of the prof from Iowa State. Those are his kids in the background that are talking, it was pretty funny to listen too.