12/8 - 12/9 Ohio Valley/Mid-atlantic/NE winter storm

Dan Robinson

The NAM and GFS are showing one heck of a system affecting the mid-Atlantic on Thursday into Friday, wih high QPFs from South Carolina to southern New York.

The big factor to watch will be where the freezing line ends up. Hard to say at this point where the bullseye for heaviest accumulations will be, but it looks like western PA is a good bet right now.

NWS servers are running a little slow now but it is impressive to look at the widespread coverage of winter weather watches and warnings across the country.

Packing up the gear and heading north tomorrow for another try for a big snowstorm. Target is Clarksburg/Morgatown WV. I'm a little more excited about this one since we have a much colder air mass already entrenched. Hopefully the freezing line holds up further south so I can stay a little closer to home.
I'm starting to get excited about this one as well. Early this afternoon the storm looked like a dud for Southern New England, now winter storm watches are up. Looks like we will stay all snow in Fairfield County, eastern sections might see a changeover.

It's one thing if this storm happened on Friday night into Saturday. But if things continue the way they seem to be going, no school bus run Friday.

I just returned from a short trip into Kentucky to check things out. I hit freezing rain at Morehead, but it was having trouble accumulating due to the ever-present borderline freezing temps. I moved north to Flemingsburg where I finally hit 31F. Side roads and metal objects were starting to get a coating. The ice on the roads stayed a slushy consistency that wasn't too slippery as long as you took it slow.

At sunset everything quickly changed to snow, and all of the roads were covered and very slippery within a few minutes. Stopped in Vanceburg (near the Ohio river) and shot some traffic video with about 1 1/2" inches on the ground and still coming down. Too bad the good stuff all happened after dark.

I drove back east along the river and the roads abruptly went from a 2-inch sleet/snow cover to just rain-dampened a few miles east of Portsmouth. From there east to home it was all rain. I'm back home now waiting for the changeover to get here, but don't think we'll see too much. Precip looks to end before we drop below 32.