12/6/04 REPORTS: Mississippi valley/OK/TX

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Chad Lawson, Mickey Ptak, Jo Radel, and myself decided to try north Texas today, being as we'd all spent the entire morning getting out of work. We targeted Denton, and drove to the intersection of Loop 288/I-35, and parked on the west side to set up and video. We stayed there for maybe half an hour as the line steadily rolled in, deciding eventually to head north on 35 to try and get crashed by a more intense area. Lots of CGs, and classic gust front structure. However we experienced no actual severe weather from the line, so after stopping in Valley View in a last ditrch effort to get some high wind footage, we called it a day and headed home.

Jo and I couldn't have celebrated our 2nd anniversary any better.
SPC tornado report is for a tornado that produced a significant damage in Thunderbird bay area located on the north end of lake Brownwood in Brown county(TX). Has anyone some news about it?
Damage might be confused with a bow echo type...
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