12/29/06-12/31/06 NOW: KS / CO / NE / SD (WINTER PRECIP)

Mike Hollingshead

I figure there are at least a few in the area that might like to chat about this snowstorm as it unfolds the next couple days.

I'm currently in Cozad NE and likely will have to stay put here today and tomorrow(though maybe there will be a window tomorrow to move). The rain/snow line seemed to be very sharp as I got here. I wonder how much freezing rain will even happen. It was still above freezing in Lexington as I got there and it was rain then, or at least just before there. Then as I moved nw a bit further it quickly changed to sleet, then just as fast to all snow. I'm not sure how far it is between Lexington and Cozad, but it's not that far. Everything here is already snow covered . It's interesting that snow intensities have not been changing the flake size much. They continue to stay rather large. I hope nw KS leaves some moisture for us up here, and the storms in TX don't get too wild with precip. Dean, freezing rain there? Anyone in nw KS on here? That looks wild.

Edit: I guess TX should be added as well. I'd do it if I could.
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Hey Mike and everyone,
Yea had some freezing rain / sleet early but now all snow. As of 3:00 PM 2" of snow. First heavy band put down 1/2 " snow in 15 min . The pic was taken in my front yard as this band went through.

BTW you are still welcome to ride out the storm at my place if you could still get here. Another heavy snow band has moved in since I started typing this and radar to my S is very impressive.

Maybe 4 inches now in Cozad. Wind has picked up. Will the nw KS area ever move north lol. Finally got a fairly decent snowband setting up n-s through here.

Wonder if this will post. Gotta love crap motel net. Had nothing for an hour and now it is spotty as hell again.
My wife and I are sitting in Colby, Ks right now, we arrived around 3p.m. Civil emergencies are continously being broadcast telling people it's illegal to operate a vehicle that isn't 4 wheel drive , I thought that was kind of cool.:cool:

Anyways, its 7:00p.m. now and its seems more like blowing snow than anything but more moisture is heading up from Dodge City, will wait to see what happens. Looks to be about 5-7 inches on the ground right now. The snow coming down looks really dry and is in the form of tiny snow flakes and is being blown all over the place by the very strong north winds.

That area south of Colby is insane(yes I realize it was sleet and is probably off, but still). Sean....drive down there, lol. And it is filling back in in that same spot. Has to be something cool looking in that area.

As for here, it has been snowing moderately to heavily. The monster flakes are back in full force right now. Some law enforcement person reported 6 inches for here a long time ago but I think he had been drinking. I'd say now there may be 6 here in Cozad. I'm a lousy snow chaser, no waterproof boots and no sort of ruler. Man I'd love to keep these big flakes all night long. Maybe I'll post a picture from here if I can figure out a way to do it.
Piotrowski's here running special programs, snow exceding 3+ inches an hour S of Colby @ 40, we're going S+!!!!!!! Flakes going from light snow to 1/2 dollars. People are stuck in snow banks, parking lots and everythings closing. All hotels are sold out on I-70, it's a nightmare! :eek:
MODs, New Mexico should be added to this thread. A very persistent snow band has extended from east central to north central NM for most of the past 24 hours, centered on Santa Fe. Both major interstates in northern NM, I-40 and I-25, are closed for long stretches. Here in Santa Fe, where I am vacationing over the New Years holiday, we have had at least 14 inches, with some reports of up to 22 inches nearby. And it is still snowing hard! I will try to post a few pictures tomorrow.
Snow rates have climbed dramatically. It had been mod snow for an hour and is now very very heavy snow. It's plastered with half dollar and larger flakes. Just tons of them and it's been doing it for a good while now. My bushes are going bye bye fast now out the window. I hope it can pull west now and not move east any more. This is some of the heaviest snow I've ever seen, here in Cozad(between North Platte and Kearney).
MODs, New Mexico should be added to this thread. A very persistent snow band has extended from east central to north central NM for most of the past 24 hours, centered on Santa Fe. Both major interstates in northern NM, I-40 and I-25, are closed for long stretches. Here in Santa Fe, where I am vacationing over the New Years holiday, we have had at least 14 inches, with some reports of up to 22 inches nearby. And it is still snowing hard! I will try to post a few pictures tomorrow.

Here in White Rock, New Mexico we had about 8 inches by Friday morning before it stopped snowing more or less for the afternoon. The snow returned in full force around midnight and we have had another 8 inches or so with the snow still falling.

The majority of the roads in Northern New Mexico are also snow sporting closed signs as the road crews can't keep up with the rate of snowfall.
Holy cow... major ice storm underway now in Dodge City as surface temps have dropped to 30-31F...with temps continuing to drop to 27-28F by midday. 88D loops show a narrow corridor of winter precip essentially training right over southwest KS... and this will continue most of the day. Should see some significant damage with this ice storm as winds will continue to howl 25-40 mph... Wow! Already have at least 1/4" to 1/2" ice build-up on north-facing surfaces.... it's about to get really, really ugly here in Dodge... it's even worse in like Garden City and points west.
Looks like the SE CO plains will be the big winners: already 2-3 feet being reported from the Sangres all the way to KS and there's still a good foot to go! 10-12 ft drifts in Kiowa county and still snowing hard. That area is going to paralyzed for a long time. Reports say it's worse than the '97 blizzard. This is definitely one for the record books.

Central NE getting in on the ice fun now too. This is in the same place as the ice storm last week.

I'm sitting here wondering if I'll see anything more than flurries here now. That low is not lifting yet and the dry air on the wv loop scares me. I have the feeling it's going to continue pushing east through w NE and eat away at whatever gets flung back here(if it ever gets flung back here!). I'd go somewhere else but most places don't seem like much of an option. nw KS roads are surely not good yet, and I don't care to drive into the ice storm east of here. Hmmmm. Lift north soon please. I think w KS/se CO have seen enough.
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We now have at least 20 inches at my location in Santa Fe, NM and it is still coming down. Some parts of Santa Fe and even Albuquerque have received 2 feet, with 25-30 inches in the Sangre de Cristo and Jemez Mountains. I am working on getting some pics and a fuller report posted. There is still the potential for several more inches of snow as we are now in the wraparound on the back side of the storm, and the winter storm warning has been extended until 5 a.m. tomorrow. That will make 59 hours that most of northern NM has been under a winter storm warning.

EDIT - Report with pics now posted under REPORTS thread. 21 inches here as of noon. Just flurries now (1:30 Sat.) as the main snow band has shifted a little west of here, at least for the time being.
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Reliable reports of 18 foot snow drifts over Kiowa county! 40 inches at Cuchara (Sangre de Cristos) and still snowing hard.
We got lucky and dodged the bullet on this one. We had about 5 inches of snow overnight Thursday into Friday morning, and it quit snowing about noon as a dry slot punched in from the north, and it has been sitting over us ever since, preventing any snow from swinging back into this part of the state.:mad:
In a way I'm a little dissapointed, as we really need the snow badly, but after reading the storm reports out of the east central and southeastern parts of the state, I'm glad it stayed further south.:eek: I really wouldn't have wanted another blizzard, the one last week was the worst blizzard I've ever seen and it sounds like the one that hit southeastern CO/western Ks was even worse than the one that hit us. We were snowed in for five days after the last storm, and we probably would have been snowed in for at least a week if this storm had tracked just a little farther north and west. So I guess a slight curse/major blessing situation all told.
Unbelievable ice storm immediately east of the blizzard in southwest Kansas... major tree damage in Dodge City... 3/4 to 1+" ice buildup plus 25-35mph winds... still have power here in north Dodge... we don't have large trees on the north side like they do near downtown so we will probably keep our power... west of here until you get to the snow... 1.5" + of ice accumulation... this will probably beat out December 1984 out here..

EDIT... I'll keep updating my blog with some additional pics. www.underthemeso.com/blog
I just talked to a friend who said in Dighton, KS (Lane County), that nearly all powerlines that run East-West are down. Ice has accumulated already on top of the 4.25 inches of rain before that. So it's making it very difficult on crews out there to restore power. They think for the city of Dighton, 12-24 hours before power is restored, 5-7 days for rural parts of the county also.
Precip here again after about an 18 hour lull. Now it is freezing rain(still in cozad). This little band just formed, not sure it will last or not. It's right on that battle zone between the two lows(clearing/drying edge on wv).
We got close to an inch of snow last night and it was raining steadily here all day (1-1.5"). Per latest guidance I would expect freezing rain by 03z. Meanwhile the central parts of the state (espically NC SD and SC ND) have been getting hit hard from the northern stream wave such as Mobridge (13") and Ashley (16").
Boy the poor souls on I-80 eastbound here right now. Wonder if they know what they are about to drive into. There has been what seems to be above average traffic coming from the west. They are about to drive into a good wall of freezing rain with low sfc temps. As for here, I can't believe there is a chance that precip will make it this far west agains that push from the north low.

Edit: Well the band actually makes it here...yay. Seems to be completely sleet here on the west edge of it.

Edit: I think they may have just closed part of I80 here. It seems eastbound is closed. There was a wreck near here with many rescue vehicles, followed by a looooong standstill in the eastbound lane. Now no cars no traffic eastbound here at Cozad.

Edit: Can't believe I'm in the middle of this tiny band. I80 is open again. The heavy sleet is changing to heavy snow now.
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This snow chase has been rather funny here. I'm lucking out for what was largely a snowbust in western NE. First night I was on the west side of a thin n-s band moving north. It was about a county or so wide. East side was sleet and freezing rain while here it was snow(I know I drove to where it was ice today). Then today nothing all day. So all I had was that skinny band moving north last night. Now tonight wind up in this freaky skinny band moving south. I'm still in the thing. It's a bit nerve racking actually. I've been coaxing it west all evening now I'm trying to coax it to stay here and not drift back east. I keep looking at all the satellite loops trying to figure out what I can do to make it work lol. It's been like watching a very close football game for many hours. I thought I was about to lose now I see new development just nne of me with some west push.

Edit: I feel sorry for the eastbound travellers on I-80. There hasn't been anything nw of here so I'm sure they think its fine. Then they hit where this band is and it must be hell on the road now. And I've been in the middle or on the west edge and Lexington is on the east edge. I bet they go by this exit and have fun till the next one. Then again the parking lots around here are like......well parking lots I guess! Tons of people have stopped here.
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