11/29/2006 REPORTS: TX

After watching the front move in and seeing a few storms starting to fire off out west, we decieded to leave Austin around 2:30 and head north. About 30min outside of Austin there were a couple of cells that popped up showing some promise near the Temple/Waco area so that became our target zone. As luck would have it those storms never really became orginized so we were left with alot of rain and some small hail. Radar was showing another line starting to fire around the Eastland area which was about and hour from our locataion as well as a cluster of cells that fired off west of us. We chose to head to the the new line and monitor as we progressed. As mother nature would have it once again it fizzeled out. With two let downs we called it a night an headed home. I did get one photo of the first cell we were watching.

I watched a small, isolated storm approach Denton County around 19z and followed it north. In the northwest corner of the county, the storm organized a little and presented faint striations around the updraft tower. When scud drifted up to the smooth base and began attaching, I lifted my camcorder out of its case for the first time in what seems like years. This was about 2130z and happened almost on the Denton/Cooke county line. Then the cell turned outflow-dominated and fell apart.

I turned back for Denton to unload my gear before the rain and cold air arrived.