11/21-11/23 Nor'easter

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A strong nor'easter is progged to move up the coast this afternoon and tonight. ETA has the surface low in the 970's in the Gulf of Maine. This looks to be a fast mover with the heaviest snow to the west of the major northeast cities. At the very least its going to cause trouble for holiday travelers. It may end with snow showers all the way to the coast.

It looks like a pattern shift is well underway along the east coast as we have transitioned to a strongly negative NAO (a viable teleconnection, not a weather analog). For Thanksgiving a colder, drier system will also affect the northeast.

...should be some interesting weather the next few days.
I agree that the system looks pretty good. In fact, we were discussing it over at this thread a bit ago: http://www.stormtrack.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9138

It'll be bringing down some pretty old air behind it too as it phases with the arctic low, and the whole thing drops south. Of course, that has to pass over the relatively warm Great Lakes... And given the flow, delta-t's (measure of lake to 850MB instability), etc.. It wouldn't surprise me if areas of Michigan's U.P. got hammered with a 2-4 day lake effect snowstorm measuring several FEET.
Sorry, didn't see that thread in the Map Room. I'll go try to revive it.

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Here are my two weather stations if anyone wants a real-time look at this storm. One is on the coast in Darien, CT the other is in Whiting, VT in the Champlain Valley.



I'll post some images from my webcam in Vermont if it starts to snow.
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