11/07/06 Reports: Washington Cascades

Billy Griffin

Unprecedented flooding has been occurring throughout the state of Washington, especially focusing on the Cascade Mountain Range and low-lying river valleys. Along with the very heavy rainfall, there have been some reports of small hail and lightning on the western-facing slopes of the Cascades. Many of the local Seattle-Tacoma TV stations have live, streaming video of this ongoing event, as more rain just continues on and on.

I managed to capture a few photos while going out on volunteer rescue efforts last night and earlier today.





There have been a number of reports of families having to be airlifted or rescued by boat, and I'm almost certain there will be more significant reports come in as the day goes on.

I'll post all pictures and video clips of the event on my webpage, www.billygriffin.com.

It's an awesome display to witness the power of the coastal storm systems, but my prayers are with the families who have fallen victim to these floods.

I think it's well beyond time for this rain to let up. I believe the forecast calls for a brief lull in the action perhaps later today through Friday, before another system comes in this weekend.
Great shots! I think many of us can forget the power of a flood. Living in Colorado we often get floods from spring snow melt and flash floods from summer downpours. I can't think of another weather event that draws more respect from me than flooding. I actually had my vehicle get stuck in rising waters near San Antonio a few years back and will NEVER forget it.