10-26-06 Tornadoes: NWS Dodge City has info on their web page

Good write-up and use of GR2AE... However, I can't stand smoothed velocity imagery... *shivers*

I had no part in the write-up other than providing some images, but our WCM Jeff did a good job and has about as accurate an account of all the brief tornadoes as one could do given the fact that there was hardly any damage with these tornadoes, I'll have to chastize our WCM on smooth velocity data ;-) Forecasters here are in absolute love with GR2AE and what it can reveal in terms of storm structure... I think this is indeed the wave of the future for radar/warning meteorologists, but it's going to be awhile before we see operational AWIPS software for the NWS field for real-time interrogation. (by that, I mean building real-time volumes as each slice comes in, and not having to wait for the volume to complete)... When phased-array comes online (who knows when at this point) and we get full-volumes in a minute or less, this may revolutionize warning ops when combined with volumetric 3D analysis on the scale that GR2AE currently provides... I kinda segued here, my bad :)