10/26/06 NOW: Plains/Lower MS Valley

Oct 10, 2004
Madison, WI
Looks like a cold core show today so far. Numerous tornado warnings in effect around the Dodge City, KS area with 2 reports. Good luck to all out there.
Certainly a cold core and cold temp situation there...temps in DDC in low 50's...looks like there is some pretty decent shear in that occlusion point mini supercell in NW Clark Co. KS at this time (4:40pm CDT)
Sitting in Bartlesville OK, hearing reports of a large tornado on the ground in Ford CO. I know of at least a few chasers on it. At the last minute, Darin Brunin and I headed out the door to play the warm front. Looks like cold-core will possibly win again. We are watching a developing Cu field to our west, and hoping for initiation before dark.
I've been watching Cu develop and break down most of the afternoon over Osage County, OK into Cowley County, KS. PNC is clear as a bell, but a line can be seen extending into Kansas and then westward. Radar showing an almost stationary frontal line from Burlington, OK, Northeastward to Argonia, Ks, then southeastward to Arkansas City, KS with the beginnings of echoes in Osage County, OK.

With luck and a few more dynamics in motion, we'll see something close to home here in PNC.
Im in bartlesville as well, i cant decide if i want to head further west also. With this thick cloud shield above my head and temps barely reaching 70 degrees and dewpoint at 62 im not too happy with my current position. I see plenty of tornado reports in sw kansas. Frustrating....
Quoting NWSFO OUN on the Short Term Forecast: "Areas North of line from Buffalo to Enid, to Fairview, to Perry, Are most likely to experience Thunderstorms through early evening".

Stationary line I mentioned before remains so. However, if it gets a push to the more unstable air south of the line, I suspect we'll see T-storms go up north of Enid torwards Lamont. Light echoes continue to pop up in western Osage County. The Cu associated with these remains pretty low topped and looks sheared. Not quite enough lift to get it all going as yet.

If you're in BVO, I would consider moving west before it gets dark.
Gabe, Dan, Rebekah, Heather, and myself are sitting just east of Arkansas City watching some fascinating and very rapid cloud-base... turbulence. From time to time, it'd look organized, and there is some descending motion on the west side of the updraft (i.e. RFD perhaps). This "cell" appears to be located on the boundary, with very strong ambient vertical vorticity. The low cloudmatter just east of the cell is racing very rapidly to the west-northwest, which is interesting considering the ambient flow at that level should be from the SSW or SW.
Looks like alot of tornado reports are coming in....in Grant County the hospital has apparently sustained significant damage to its roof due to a tornado in Ulysses.
Definately looks to be a cold core tornado event with lots of lightning embedded in these cells. Nice positioning as the 1002mb SFC cyclone is situated over Central OK. Looks like a SFC trough could be enhancing the uplift.


Now...LOTS of tornado reports.