1/5/06 NOW: FL, AL, GA, NC, SC

Jordan Hartley

Well here we are again tornado warnings have been issued off and on in the last 12 hours with this huge line of storms(Derecho) as well as svr storm warnings.
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No reports of tornadoes with this storm yet but the storm in Henry Co looks really impressive.
The town of McDonough is directly in the path of rotation. A new line formed off of the outflow boundary from the main line of storms about 15 min ago. Very thin but intense squall line moving through Atlanta metro area. Hail and Wind reports of 65-75 mph so far. Also the southern end of the main line of storms that is moving into S Ga also looks impressive and is moving into a better air mass for tornado development. Most of the tornado warnings have been doppler indicated warnings. Look for activity to increase and march eastward as the afternoon progresses.

EDIT* 11:45am EST A squall line extending from NRN Georgia all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico is marching eastward. The squall line is strongly bowed across NRN Gerorgia with the greatest potential for wind damage located along this portion of the line. The storms that caused the tornado warnings in and around the Atlanta metro area early this morning have caused a knotch in the line and things are coming together on the south end. 500 - 1000j/kg cape and strong low level shear our supportive of tornadoes with this line and isolated storms that develop ahead of the line. The threat of wind damage and tornadoes may increase across the ERN portions of the ww this afternoon. SPC said that temperatures and dewpoints have climbed higher than the current readings. Temps +70*F with dewpoints +65*
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