1/4/06 FCST: TX / LA / MS / AL

Jordan Hartley

LOL the rookie is trying to start a forcast discussion so bear with me. Last night I was looking over somethings and noticed that the low in NW Mexico was still there from Monday. I looped the visible satellite and noticed alot of S inflow out ahead of this system. Now I cant read charts or data cause i've never been taught but i've followed the weather for almost 13 years now and when you follow something that long you notice things when you see it. I checked it out this morning and the low is still there and is now moving eastward. SPC says Jan 4 looks to be the day if this thing is to do anything but that it is a roll of the dice. How many times have the dice been rolled in the last couple of months and something actually happens? Do any of the models show any potential with this system?

Little help from the smart guys on this one would be appreciated!!!

EDIT* S LA has been upgraded to a slight risk area for tommorow. This system went from nothing to something in 2 days. This might get interesting:)
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Not much looks to occur....maritime tropical air with a marginal area of possible severe storms over S LA where the pesudo warm front may penetrate inland. An isentrophic conveyer heavy rain event is coming though for MS/AL. :)
Looks like the potential for supercells is still there, SPC isnt ruling out the possibility for a couple tornadoes today. Looks like the hot spot for the day S LA. Not a very good chase setup and doubt anyone will... but if there is someone with nothing better to do you might get lucky.
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One tornado report of mobile home damage out of Louisiana. No visual conformation. Probably just wind.
1/4/06 NOW: LA/MS

started now discusion
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