1/4/05: FCST: Southern Plains

Jay McCoy

Dec 6, 2003
Amarillo, Texas
Have been looking at this for days. Now the SPC has upgraded to a slight risk for the SE Tx panhandle into SW Oklahoma. It all depends on sunshine. if we can get some heat we could get some nice storms. Shear and Moisture will not a an issue. Instability is. I loaded the truck yesterday just in case I had a chance to relieve some SDS. Will be leaving Amarillo just after noon. Amarillo should get a pretty good ice storm tonight before it moves into Oklahoma where is should be a major issue wednesday.
the front keeps heading further south. SW Oklahoma is in the 30's with Ne winds. Looks like the risk will have to be moves south or dropped all together. Looks like the ice is already hammering the Woodward, Ok area.

At this time we have 36 drgress with moderate rain in amarillo. Should be all ice by this evening. I just hope we dont lose power