07/30/06 REPORTS: N Ireland, UK

I would like to post these photo's of a rotating well electrified thunderstorm which occured over Co Antrim, Northern Ireland on Sunday. We do not have Doppler in N Ireland however, I believe we have a mesocyclone here on an LT Supercell.

This cell split and travelled NE across my front (I was South East, then South of it). It was right moving against the general windflow as the wind was up my back from the South. The close up shots show the degree it was turning and how low the rotation was getting to the ground. The cell travelled 22 miles from Belfast to Island Magee before going to sea where it's end came quickly.

Btw...I regularly chase over here and have US chase experience, so it was handy I knew what I was looking at. Having been a member here for some time...this is the first chance I've had to post something meaningful for you guys to peruse. :)