07/16/05 REPORT: Saskatchewan

Here's my report from Saturday, July 16, 2005, south of Moose Jaw and east of Old Wives Lake. After making it to Moose Jaw around 3pm, I checked the radar at the local cafe/bar and saw that a nice severely warned storm was headed straight east towards Old Wives Lake. So I simply drove south a bit to get a good position and waited. As expected, things got nasty around 4:20pm and I raced east with this fast moving wind producer until I got hit with a bit of hail (nickel to quarter size) at Yellowgrass. The storm seemed to split and lose energy at that point however when I got home the same system hit Winnipeg causing all kinds of havoc including power lines down.

As I took well over 150 snaps that day, there is still lots to go through and I am posting new photos on my site daily. Here is one boring pic with a couple video links: