07/08/05: TALK: SE MI

It appears to be another day for isolated severe thunderstorms across SE MI today. RUC brings in decent instability with >1500J/KG of SBCAPE with low-level moisture pretty much here as well with dew points into the mid 60s. Shear is good enough to support a few organized updrafts mainly capable of large hail to <1.00" inch along with damaging winds to 70MPH.

I am really ticked off because I still have yet to recieve my Canon Rebel charger (I lost mine and had to buy another one on eBay) and yesterday at work I saw absolutely beautiful storm in the next county and the sunlit anvil was just georgous. I came home to find out that the storm was SVR-warned and produced a few large hail reports...

There is currently thunderstorms already developing and a storm continues to strengthen in Southern Oakland Co. (where the severe storm was yesterday that I missed) and is already showing large hail signatures on radar... The storm appears to be pretty healthy, I can see the whole storm from my outside window!

What is your take on today, Rob D's?

EDIT: Just as I thought... DTX just put out a SVR for the storm in Oakland...
I can see some pulse severe but nothing worth chasing - as soon as it becomes severe you better be there or it'll be done ;> Somewhat surprised at the coverage of TRWs the past two days! A few amended forecasts on my radio gigs...
Yep, boundary interactions are crucial for giving storms an extra lift on a dynamic-less day like today...
I went up around Lakeville to that cell that was just up in northeast Oakland county. I observed VERY heavy rains, flooding, and hail to about pea-sized. The storm was collapsing rather rapidly, and before I knew it it was nothing more than a weak shower.
First day back to work and it was a 12 hour period im dead tired. as i was driving back to our shop i saw a nice updraft to the ESE. Get home look on radar its 200 or so miles away. I was in no way thinking of chasing i was just suprised to the distance as it seemed closer. Yeah days like this day the storms are not worth chasing unless your desperate. Just your garden variety summer time thunder storm pulse cells. I did see that OFB on the radar it was almost here in GR. kinda like last evening. The lake breeze might mix with the boundary but i doubt any thing will happen.
Small report

Not worth putting in reports.......

Severe warned cell for Livingston went through here around 5pm with some pea sized hail and 50mph winds at the end. A lot of rain and lost a tree across street. Had to get the chainsaw out to restore the road.

Went out on the lake around 7:30pm as it had calmed off and cleared --- had the warned cells in Jackson and another one popped to the east as visible backdrop.

Kind if hard to understand these storms for me as they are traveling to the south or SE (surface wind), shear vector is to the NE I think, and the blast at the end was out of the East.

How do you like your popcorn?