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07/05/04 NOW: Central Plains, KY, TN

Larry J. Kosch

Starting a NOW thread since there's three SWWs started by NWS. One for KY, one for TN, and one just posted for NE, CO and KS. Put your storm discussions here. 8)

Update: NOW heading updated to include new TORN (IA & MO)and SWW watches (NE, KS, KY, TN).
Tornado Watch until 10pm for the eastern half of Iowa (including my area) :D
I just drove past the Sterling storm a good hour ago -- I'm on a trip, not chasing. I didn't have access to radar (or any data for that matter). I skirted the storm along I-76 (NE) from the south; the storm motion seemed to be moving east. I was hoping to perhaps catch a landspout out here in eastern CO. Interestingly, the storm developed a relatively high rain-free base to the south east of the core and then, to my surprise, cranked out a slow-spinning wall cloud with a tail for a good quarter hour. It cylced out, but the rain free base produced another wall cloud a bit later that I could see (backlit) in the rearview mirror. This persisted another 10 to 15 minutes. I didn't even check the weather before I left this morning; I almost drove into the darn thing. Makes me sad that on days that I try I have to play catch-up, but on days that I don't even turn on the computer, I stumble to within four miles of a wall cloud. :)

No funnels, no tornadoes, but still a surprise.

New TORN watch box needed

Looks like the NWS needs to extend the TORN watch boxes to include Northern IL and Lake Michigan. There's been five TORN warnings issued for Northern IL. And all are outside the two TORN watch boxes the NWS issued earlier. 8)
Just because a warning was issued doesn't mean a tornado occurred... So far no touchdown, just a funnel cloud or two. Usually these types of events don't last past sunset.

Notice per SPC plots there's _no_ instability once you get on the cool side of the front into Chicagoland.

- Rob
I drove from my grandparents lake house in rural Monroe county in Tennessee to their other house in Maryville, Tennessee. Intercepted a cell in Vonore, TN and within 5-10 minutes noticed a lowering that had a little rotation. I wasn't equiped for any chasing, so I continued on to Maryville. Got home around 6:30 and flipped it on TWC to see the ticker had said that there was a report of a funnel cloud spotted at the airport around 6:20, but I was in the area at that time and saw nothing anything close to a funnel cloud. Nothing more here to report other than alot of flash flooding in the area.
Illinois Tornadoes so far in the LSR's
0406 PM Whiteside County IL
0842 PM Madison County IL
0910 PM Henry County IL
0956 PM Marion County IL
1040 PM Woodford County IL

Iowa Tornadoes so far in the LSR's
0350 pm Calhoun County IA
0540 pm Howard County IA
0635 pm Fayette County IA

Also at Scott AFB in Belleville IL , 92 mph winds