07/04/04 NOW: IL, IN, Ohio, Miss Valleys, Central Plains

Larry J. Kosch

Starting a NOW thread since there are action popping up all over. There are three SWWs set up in the Ohio, Miss Valley areas. Another one is due to be issued for IL and IN areas as storms are firing up there. SPC has forecasted SLIGHT risk for the Central Plains today.

Post your storm discussions here. Happy Fourth! :salute:

Update: NWS has issued a SWW for the IL and IN area. NWS is having a MSC discussion about severe storms in NE. No mention yet about any SWW being issued.
A few weak March-like storms just rolled through CRW/RLX in the last hour. Stayed cloudy most of the day here, so no CAPE to work with - dry slot moving in from the west now, so it looks like the show is over. Looks better for northern and eastern neighbors. Pretty disappointing, as I was hoping for some simultaneous natural/manmade fireworks shots later tonight.

Maybe next year....