07/03/04 REPORTS: Central Plains, Canada

Larry J. Kosch

Happy Fourth! Thought I would open a REPORTS thread for the storm activities (besides the fireworks going off) that occurred in the Central Plains and Canada Saturday.

I checked the Storm Reports on NWS this morning and found out there were three tornadoes (1 in NE, 1 in MN, 1 in IL). Also there were numerous hail reports, including stones the size of softballs :shock: near Kingsley Dam (Lake McConaughy) in NE. There were 63 wind damage and 32 hail reports from yesterday's storms.

Place your first-hand chase reports here. Thanks. 8)
Oswego Kansas was hit hard by straight line winds, trees down, whole town without power...
At about midnight I sat on my deck and watched the MCS approach from the west. The sky was constantly lit up from N to S with lighting, and as the system got closer there was a steady low rumble of thunder. I had watched this system since its development in northeast CO and along the NE & WY borders. It did drop a brief funnel over open water at Lake McConaughy, which could have been serious if it had sustained itself. The lake is on of the most popular destinations for holiday revelers from NE & CO. As the system move into eastern NE it developed the shelf cloud that Mike photographed above (about 20 mi N of me). Great pics Mike. The shelf itself was returning radar signals in the 15 to 20 dBZ range, and was visible from northeast NE all the way to KS. Because of the constant lighting I had some great views of the shelf as it approached. I had to move inside as the shelf passed and the rains came. Went to sleep watching natures own fireworks display.