06/27/04 REPORTS: NE, IA, KS & Elsewhere

Larry J. Kosch

This REPORTS thread is being opened because of a unexpected storm line that's developing across Southeast NE and extends into IA and KS.

I became aware of a thin storm line developing along a boundary that extends from Central IA into Northern KS. It showed up on NWS radar less than an hour ago.

The storms that came thru Lincoln NE half hour ago was on the mild side, mostly showers, no lightning, etc. I did see a nice RFD develop from one storm cloud as it moved thru Lincoln. What surprised me was the gusty winds that blew thru from the NW afterwards. It dropped the current temps about 10 degrees from where it was before.

As the storm line moved south of Lincoln I can see the line extending to the SW of me and how it was picking up the inflows to the storms moving thru Lincoln. The rainfall amount was probably about .10-.25 in some places.

It was already too dark to take photos or vids (sorry). :oops: Just wanted to make a storm report, anyway.
'sup yall,

this is a little out of topic, regionally concerned, but severe weather hit near Ft. Meyers beach yesterday, and as i was looking out to the ocean, a gust front spun off a very wide waterspout about a quarter-mile out. It was definitely a waterspout because there was indeed a rotating funnel cloud as well as a surface circulation. It lasted for a few minutes and roped out as it approached Sanibel Island. Very interesting stuff, lotsa low/mid-level rotaion in yesterday's storms. Tried to get video but had camera problems.
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I changed the thread heading to include "Elsewhere". So now you can consider your post in the proper topic. Good reporting!

8) LJK.