06/20/04 REPORTS: CO & Midwest

Larry J. Kosch

Sounds like it was a nice Father's Day in CO if you didn't mind the storms, tornadoes and whatever else!! :shock: Please post your first-hand (with your Dad's help) chase reports here. Happy Father's Day!! 8) LJK.

Update: Huh? No chase reports? :shock: NWS storm reports listed 4-5 tornadoes that dropped in CO Sunday. There were significant damage to a hog farm and one person was injured. :oops: LJK.
Even though I love chasing and this wasnt a long chase drive for me I did what a dad is suppose to do. I spent it with my little girl which is better than any chase. I am betting most of the chasers that are dads did the same thing and the ones that arent spent it with thier dad
Well, I was chasing yesterday, and as Dave Lewison posted in the "NOW" thread, I intercepted an impressive supercell southwest of Calhan, CO and observed a brief tornado with it at ~19:50z (I'll have to go back and review my footage for the exact time). The tornado began as a brief dust whirl under the meso about 5 SW of Calhan. As I moved closer to where the dust whirl was observed, a long, thin funnel was noticeable roping out.

I repositioned later to intercept another supercell north of Delhi on Hwy. 350 and observed rapid rotation with an updraft that formed on a boundary just ahead of the main updraft. This secondary mesocyclone exhibited rapid upward motion and rotation along with a couple of small funnels as it propagated to the southeast. As the supercell moved off, it produced some lowerings that took on a tornado-like appearance but without good road options to stay close to the meso, I couldn't confirm exactly what was occuring.

The day was certainly no June 12th, but it was a fun chase regardless. Also, it was my first Colorado tornado since May 28, 2001. I'll have vid caps up once I return home from my vacation after today. Also, thanks to Dave Lewison for nowcasting for me during part of the day and providing excellent updates.

Regarding the damage to the pig farm, I observed this damage about an hour after it occurred. The road was blocked by officials, so I didn't get a close look at the damage, but from my perspective it appeared to be straight-line wind damage, but I'll reserve judgement on that until the NWS does an official survey.