06/18/04 REPORTS: IL

Larry J. Kosch

This quote was pulled from a 06/19/04 REPORTS thread because there wasn't one for this chase report. You got your REPORTS thread, John. Thanks for asking. 8) LJK.

This is actually a 6/18 (not 6/19) report from SW IL. Since there appears to be no 6/18 thread, could one of you who has the power to do so start one and move this over to there?

On 6/18/04:

I was on an HP supercell in SW IL from near Dupo to east of Pinckneyville. It never could quite tornado, but did produce wind damage in Jefferson Co., MO and in Randolph and Perry Counties, IL, as well as flash flooding in south St. Louis Co., MO and in Perry Co., IL. As it collapsed around 5 p.m., it dropped in 2.75 inches of rain in 30 minutes in Cuitler, IL.

I observed the lowering in the upper picture below just west of New Athens, shortly before the second TOR warning issued on the storm expired at 4 p.m. The shelf cloud in the lower picture was observed west of Pinckneyville, as the storm produced wind damage near the Randoph/Perry County line. Apparently, this occurred as the storm collapsed in eastern Randolph and western Perry Counties, producing very strong outflow winds and heavy rains. By the time I broke off the chase around 5:20, the storm was very outflow dominant and weakening rapidly.


A full report, with additional pictures, will be posted soon at www.siue.edu/~jfarley/wxobs.htm
John Farley
Edwardsville, IL