06/17/05 REPORTS: Canadian Prairies

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Decided I'd go try and catch the supercell south of Swift Current that had formed over the town of Cadillac. We (My dad and myself) left at about 5pm and got into Herbert as the storms we moving in. I would've gone south but you could clearly see the core just to our south and then we weren't sure about going west because we were hearing reports of tornadoes and large hail.

This is when a wifi connection or a cellphone would've been a great tool to have. We decided to go east on the number 1, the same way we came, to escape the core as we were hearing about baseball size hail. We saw a ton of rain, and i mean a ton as we headed east, and caught a few hailstones, with the sound of them i'd say quarter size as the sound was very pronounced over the roar of the little mufflerless 4 cylinder engine and the roar of the rain.

We managed to get back to Moose Jaw about 30 or 40 minutes before the storm hit. I must say, for one, it was the most intense and constant light show i have seen in a long long time, when we were in Moose Jaw, and the storms were still quite a ways away, the lightning was lighting up the city. The rain was also the heaviest I have seen in a very long time. We were treated to multiple power outages, some somewhat heavy rain and some weak wind gusts. And this is versus large hail, destructive winds and extreme rainfall TWN called for.

All in all, a great way to end the week.

Lessons Learned:
You can never have enough information,
Leave early,
I need a nowcaster.

I'll post some pictures later tonight. :)
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