06/06/2006 DISC: OK

Apr 17, 2006
Owasso Oklahoma
About 0545 hours we had a severe warned storm over Tulsa County and city of Tulsa. Had a downburst with winds excess of 85 mph. Damage to about a two mile square area. Damage estimates will be several millon dollars. Trees around 60 years plus were pulled up out of the ground. Some walls on brick chruch with roof gone. A ferris wheel built in 1924 and in Tulsa since 1958 looks like a scrambler ride. I was called out on Disaster Response Team, so I did not have cameras with to attach photos.

Photos and radar on Tulsa NWS http://www.srh.noaa.gov.tsa/

MOD: This second 6/6 DISC is allowed since the Tulsa storms were a distinctly different event than the afternoon/evening storms farther north-northeast.
Welcome aboard Bob good to see you on.

It was something to watch the news slowly progress on this during the morning. It went from a few reported branches down to full blown devastation reports. I spent the rest of the day selling dry ice to those affected until 7 pm tonight. Each person had a story to tell but the worst is the ones being told it could be atleast 2 days to get their power back on.

I got up at 4 am to check the status of the storms progress into the area but went back to bed :(

ps , that ferris wheel was also reported as being the 24th one built also.

Updated nws link Tulsa Downburst Damage Page