05/19/04: NOW

Tornado Watch box posted

A Tornado Watch box has been posted by the NWS for MN ND and SD, effective until 8 p.m. CST.

Note: Watch box text was deleted by request. Thanks a lot. :cry: LJK.
Storms in SD

The NWS radar out of Aberdeen, SD is showing a nice line of storms firing up in SD. The line streches from Aberdeen SW to the SD/NE line. Movement of storms appears to be to the E/NE. 8) LJK.
Well, the cap wins again. I was hoping that warm punch that Austin Ivey mentioned would not come to fruition. Well, as I sit here in Carroll, IA......I can see that it arrived right on time.


It's a long, lonesome ride back to Seward, with nothing to show for it but a hefty gasoline purchase.

Impressive Supe up on the IA/MN border though. Imagine the havoc if it would have fired in everyone's target zone.


Disheveled in Carroll
Well, we all busted together - there's always next week ...

The sky actually cleared for a while down on the MO/KS/NE border and a storm tried to get off the ground for a bit, but was ultimately squashed ... had like a 81/79 spread there ... so it was really comfortable at least ... ugh!

May has not conquered me yet - -
Today was the most awesome chase ever! I saw at least three types of severe mist.

I busted out just like everybody else, but I was hoping somebody made it up to that storm on the Iowa/Minnesota border. I felt like I just couldn't get close enough before dark, so I hauled it back to Omaha. It finaly cleared out here enough to see about 10 minutes' worth of "convection that wanted to fire earlier" before it got dark.
What a disappointment for me. They just raised gas prices and I hesitated to go, now I am really kickin myself! All the tornado reports so far are coming from just south of the border but it looks like stuff was firing in a big area in SE Sask. then got stronger into Manitoba. I will have to search for some info as far as Canadian reports. If I was down there though it would have been a crap shoot with no idea where to target! Oh well, maybe next time.



Blake Naftell, Steve Jascourt and I had a nice bustola along I-80 to Adair, IA. Got teased with a few cells attempting to bust the crap/cap only to fizzle out and die. Had a very brief lowering on a cell to the SW of Adair, but that was very short lived. Didn't see the 13* temps at 700 til I took a closer look at the SPC Meso Page. Oh well.

Have a nice trip back to MI, Blake. Iowa got ya again! :evil:
We busted, too, and the salt in our wound is that we're now too far to play front range upslope in Colorado tomorrow. Grr. I'm finished with this northern plains 'confluence zone' stuff. Give me a dryline or the Rocky Mountains or any kind of serious lift.
Don't be too upset about not getting to the cell in Northern IA. I left Minneapolis this morning and went to the NW corner of IA. As the one severe cell formed near Orange City, I was able to intercept and chase it from Sheldon to Estherville. NWS warned on this storm for 90 minutes or so. It was a decent hail event with much hail in the golf ball size covering the ground and plenty of CG lightning, but there was so much torrential rain from other storms around the severe cell that you really could not see much structure. All in all you didn't miss much.

Good chasing,