05/11/04 NOW: SD, NE, KS, MN, TX

Larry J. Kosch

I'm starting a NOW thread as the NWS has issued STWs for SD, NE and TX. A TORW was also issued for NE and KS. A nice sized storm cell has popped up in the western part of NE, near the city of Alliance, moving N-NE. No warnings issued yet but it should be out shortly. Post your storm discussions and chase plans here. 8) LJK.

Update: NWS has added a TORW box for SD and MN now. :eek: More storms are firing up in SD. LJK.
Tornado warned cell hit me (Katy) around 3:15 at work. Knew it was tornadic before I called to see if we had a warning. Was on lunch 15min before it hit, never saw it coming. Heavy water on the far west side right now, still raining and lightning too. Bayous are over 1/2 full and rising fast. Good storm, kept my attention especially when the power went out.
Tornado in Conroe has produced damage, listening to the TV as they talk to the EMS about it. So far no injuries reported. LARGE tree down across Fondren in Houston. I drove around 2 downed lines, one was being ran over by traffic repeatedly.
Yeah, like that, I think. For the public sites I use (or WeatherTap) the radial velocity display resolution isn't much use to my eyes most of the time for spotting storm-scale circulation. When I posted that the echo just south of Mobridge blew up with a classic little hook-look as it hit the boundary. Now the action looks a little east of there.