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05/06/05 REPORTS: KS/NE/CO

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Just got back into McCook, NE after chasing the tornado warned cell in Dundy county in far southwest Nebraska. THe storm looked great on radar for a while. Hardly moved in an hour and I got some great time lapse from about 30 minutes before the warning until the RFD occluded the wall cloud. We had a great vantage point due east and would have been spectacular had it done more than a wall cloud. I'll get a better report posted on my site later after I get a bite to eat.


[Broken External Image]:http://www2.okstorms.com:8080/weatherbug/2005-05-06/20050506_174614_thm.jpg
Dundy County, NE 5/6 storm

Woke up in Colby, KS after a long drive from Odessa, TX 5/5. After checking models and obs once again, Dean and I agreed that we wouldn’t need to move very far today. Dean targeted Haigler, NE and I was thinking Chase County. Ian targeted Starbucks Dean was more right than I was but he’s taught me well over the years! We ended up on the storm of the day in Haigler. We parked at the Haigler Cemetary to watch the storm develop and intensify. One of the locals came out to feed her horses and told us that all the churches had basements if we ever needed shelter. We told her we would drive away from the tornado if it was daylight. It turned out that she’s the wife of the fire chief and is responsible for setting off the tornado siren. While she was asking questions about storms, the storm was becoming better organized and Dean was giving on the spot instruction in storm evolution. As the storm continued to intensify with striations developing and weak rotation becoming apparent, a tornado warning was issued and she went off to set off the siren while we continued to chase the storm. We stayed on the Dundy County storm and the storm became quite impressive with inflow winds and tumbleweeds clocked at 47 mph. If there was a tornado in it, we couldn’t see it because of dust and rain. En route to McCook, we continued to see development and a nice storm rolled over us while we ate dinner. A good day overall and looking forward to the next couple of days.[/img]
Well I got to NW KS yesterday around 1630 and saw the Cheyenne Co storm and the SW NE cell in the distance. I decided to stay with the Cheyenne Co storm. Unfortunately, I stopped heading west on hwy 40 about 30miles east of the storm and only caught some distant, low contrast structure video. The Mini DV camera is new to me but I think I can make a time lapse out of it when I get a chance. I watched the cell move slowly to the NE for about 30mins and then decided to head south to get in position for today (5/7). I headed S to Shamrock, TX and spent the night.
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