03/06/05 REPORT: IA

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Craig Maire II

Went on my first chase of the year and wittnessed the following weather phenomena in Grundy County, Iowa:
1. Dime sized hail
2. Frequent CG and cloud to cloud lightning (very spectacular!)
3. Very heavy rain
4. Strong gusty winds

Was an excellent cure for my SDS!! :D
Well, I'm about ten miles from IA, and I didn't have anything too exciting to report...

But to add to this thread we had a few brief wind gusts above 40mph as the decaying gust front came through. The rain was briefly heavy, but I wouldn't say torrential lol. I witnessed absolutely no lightning or even small hail. It was still sort of interesting even though it was basically a brief shower.

I'd say the most interesting thing was how quickly it transitioned from completely sunny and very dry (73/35) in mid afternoon, to rain and higher humidities by late evening.
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