0.5x Wide Angle lenses (Digital)

Feb 18, 2004
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hello gang!

It's been a while since I have not been here! Hope everybody is having a good time!

Now wioth my question....

I use a Samsung Hi8 Digital camera and the problem is that I find that the view is not large enough, so I was wondering if anybody tried this type of cheapo lens?

It's selling for less than 30$ on eBay, price wise is it OK? Is there any vigneting using this type of lens?

Any input is welcome!
Its cheap, but it does the trick for the types of cameras you and I are using (lower end consumer); I have a pair for both my digital video and still cameras... both have done me well. If you had a higher end camera, you may look elsewhere, but I'd be willing to bet it would work fine.

I think this image was taken with the lens.. most of my wide-angle stuff was video work. It does have a curving effect which I think is unavoidable regardless of the lens. If you check on eBay, you can get them pretty inexpensively; at least the ones I got.

Punch in your camera model into the eBay searches and see if they have them for your camera. Again, search the prices. I bought my lens through this guy..


That link will also give you an idea of what's out there... I got filters with my kit as well. Again, not top of the line, but work well.