1. Olivier Staiger


    Hi, after a long long absence, I am back. So sorry.... ;-) Glad to see Stormtrack is still alive. Awesome. Makes me feel 20 years younger , hahahaha... OK, here is the thing. I am a stormchaser ( have chased the U.S. plains since Y2K , guided/driven for some tours for ETT and...
  2. Is this a wall cloud?

    This picture was taken on May 21, 1:32PM. I’m just wondering is this a wall cloud.
  3. Connor Sipe

    I paint tornadoes and I'm selling prints

    What do you do when you can't chase Tornado Alley? Make your own perfect tornado shots. My painting hobby grew out of wish fulfillment for my own photography and I totally caught the bug. I have a bunch of tornado paintings in my Paintings collection on my Fine Art America page here, where you...
  4. Mike Z

    [Time Lapse] Picturesque Thunderstorm Forming and Ending During Sunset

    To get this view of such a storm is rare for where I live.
  5. Jeff Duda

    Storms of the decade: the 2010s (pre-discussion)

    I want to start a thread discussing the best storms of the entire 2010s decade. Please submit a nomination or two for the types of high magnitude storms that occurred between 2010 and now that you don't think come around but once every 10 years or so. Yes, I know the decade is not over yet. We...
  6. Mike Z

    [Time-Lapse] Convection to Heavy Rain - 08/03/2018

    I like this one. Is that a funnel cloud on the left side at 0:52? I guess thunderstorm updrafts could cause harmless spins like that..
  7. Ash Bray

    Meteorology student looking to chase

    Hello, weather enthusiasts! My name is Ash and I'm an Atmospheric Science and Meterology student through the The University of Arizona, residing in West Virginia. Upon graduation, I hope to work with a weather team to develop new radar programs and help increase tornado warning times. With that...
  8. Taylor Wright

    New False Article Claiming "Worst Storm in History" to Hit West Coast

    This is probably the worst case of click-bait fear mongering I've ever seen. I wish there was some way to publicly shame these internet "journalists" for spreading false information and eroding the public's trust...
  9. KendraReed

    Help Needed-Donation Presentations

    Storm Assist is looking for a chaser, or chasers who are interested in presenting donations to the cities of: Garland, TX; Rowlett, TX and Holly Springs, MS. We are looking to schedule both donations within the next week. If you are interested in assisting- please message me here, on FB or...