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storm chasing

  1. Calipha Turney

    One of the most intriging early amateur storm-chasing documentaries I've ever watched.

  2. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser physically attacked by another storm chaser during car ride

    In a lengthy post on his Facebook account, storm chaser Matt Granz revealed that he was attacked two days ago by another storm chaser he was giving a ride to. You can read his post here. “Two days ago, I was physically attacked by a storm chaser I was giving a ride to. He thought I didn’t brake...
  3. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser’s car ends up in ditch

    The individual involved appeared to be okay. Watch the moment a storm chaser’s car ends up in a ditch while chasing the Lockett, TX tornado here. I can assume that the driver of the car could have been speeding or didn’t break fast enough (possibly misjudged the road). I would love to know what...
  4. Jamie Simms

    Oklahoma City media truck allegedly tailgates storm chaser

    According to a tweet posted by storm chaser Brett Roberts, an Oklahoma City (OKC) media truck tailgated the chaser for 10 miles. You can read the tweet Roberts posted here. Really interested to hear your thoughts!?
  5. Rob Wadsworth

    Upgrading my photography gear . . . and how you did - too?

    An overhaul of early 2010 equipment was now in order. Letting a vital skill lapse, such as photography when being otherwise left to idleness in late Fall and Winter, needs to be remedied. I need to improve on every photographic level so that this Spring I may be ready for the coming chase...
  6. Ash Bray

    Meteorology student looking to chase

    Hello, weather enthusiasts! My name is Ash and I'm an Atmospheric Science and Meterology student through the The University of Arizona, residing in West Virginia. Upon graduation, I hope to work with a weather team to develop new radar programs and help increase tornado warning times. With that...
  7. Jordan Doane

    Opinions on new chase vehicle and accessories.!?

    Hey y'all. Since the volkswagen buy back went on we've been unable to find a diesel jetta wagon and after hearing about electrical issues with them as well id like to hear some new opinions on this car. We've been looking at a 2004/2005 Subaru Forester xs (non turbo charged version.) Personally...
  8. Tony Laubach

    New Lubacca Storm Chasing YouTube Channel

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmkAFemM9r1fUVcOFXoe6nA - SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES LAUNCHING ON FEBRUARY 5, my new storm chasing channel, Lubacca! I have uploaded a couple of clips to start things off, including a welcome video detailing what this new channel is all about (links to the two...
  9. Steve Miller

    Attacking storm chasers doesn’t accomplish anything, and it’s often misinformed

    I am a storm chaser. Every spring, I make a pilgrimage to the plains for a few weeks to witness nature at its most incredible. I chase for the adventure of seeing new things and new places. I chase for the stories and the friendships that develop over the love of the storm. Storm chasing is my...
  10. Steve Miller

    Amateur storm chasers cause headaches for emergency spotters

    Original: http://www.naplesnews.com/weather/375395951.xhtml The storm chasing frenzy is causing headaches for emergency personnel in severe weather situations, such as happened Sunday. On several occasions Sunday, the control operator for Wichita County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARE)...
  11. Raymond Mason

    Do you think chasing will be expensive coming from Nevada?

    Hi! A lot of you might know me already from chaser chat. Considering if I had the right truck and equipment required. Do you think it would get expensive to drive from Nevada to midwest to do some chasing? (The south is kind of a nightmare to chase in from what I've seen and heard so I might...