Feb 19, 2004
Erie IL
This may seem pathetic, but I kind of feel like we've been redeemed for an extremely frustrating winter of near misses in the snow department. We picked up about 4" of very heavy wet snow (<1:10 ratio). It's still coming down. The snowflakes at times were very large with some ice pellets mixed in. What's really interesting is we are experiencing this wintry weather here, while the south is getting nailed with a tornado outbreak from the same storm system. Gotta love spring! 8)
You can keep all the snow and we will keep the tornados, just to make you happy. :)

I will second that! I like snow until I have to get out on the road with the stuped drivers. I am real glad winter is over for the most part.

Even here in Ohio.... after this winter 45 degrees feels like a tropical heat wave.
Couldn't be where the action was, but I entertained myself to the best of my abilities on Monday by tracking the supercells on radar from TV and online... Gotta get it wherever you can.