XP login help

When I first got my laptop, It automatically logged into my account when XP started. I tinkered around with a custom Login screen, and now it's stuck on having people log in. How can I change it back to having my main account get auto logged in?

Try doing this, it should fix it for you.

1. Click Start on the Windows taskbar, and then click Run.

2. In the Open box, type: control userpasswords2 then click OK.

3. In the dialog box that appears,
You'll see: "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" check box.
Enabled will require users to logon, disabling will make XP automatically logon to the Administrator account.

Then go to Control Panel / User Accounts, and click “Change the way users log on or offâ€￾, and uncheck both “Use the Welcome Screenâ€￾ and “Use Fast User Switchingâ€￾