WX wish list item: Radar alarm

Dan Robinson

I was thinking today about how nice it would be to have some sort of automated alert that significant rain or storms were approaching, particularly when I'm asleep or engrossed in work. Specifically, a software app that could plot your location on any NWS radar image, then sound a nice, loud alarm when significant radar echoes are developing or approaching within 50-100 miles or so. All it would need to do is do a quick scan of the radar image and look for orange, red or yellow pixels showing up less than 300-400 pixels away from your location.

If I were a programmer I'd write the code myself. I wouldn't think it would be all that complicated, except maybe an algorithm to ignore ground clutter.
How about AlertMe Pro?

EDIT: I've been playing around with the new version of SwiftWX. Here's a screenshot you might like:

WXWORX does this in a way.
When you have a GPS connected, it will watn you one of two ways.
If you are aproaching a "strong" storm
If you are aproaching a "twisting" storm

You can change the .wav files to say anything you want.
I don't see anything there about being able to alert based on radar imagery - exactly how does it work?

You can set swift fx to alert based on whatever dbz threshold you set for radar, for whatever range you set for your lat/long location. Actually if you read the text at the very bottom of Eric's image, you will see that.

Pretty neat feature! Too bad swift-wx, GRL3 and wxworx dont get together and create the ultimate all in one progy......lol