Wounded In The line of Duty


You guys might be disappointed when you read this. I'll make it short because I can't find my glasses and I'm having some neck problems today.
Yesterday, I saw two tornados. I've had to eat my words when I told everyone, I don't think we'll ever see anything but large hail here. (SW NE)
The storm had passed by hwy 83 going east and I was positive we were out of harm's way. My g/ daughter saw it first, on the over pass, just behind us! She said, "nanny, hurry it's got birds in it". I glanced to my side and saw it coming from the east! We dashed across town and picked up daughter, went back home to get grandson, and saw another one headed again, the same way coming towards their house. We hustled everyone into a large storm cellar that has this HUGE wood door on it. Neighbors were crammmed in, the sirens were going off, and I was sitting on the steps so I could see it, when someone came and opened the door and let it slam on my neck and back. Ummmmm....don't remember much afer that, except being carried up the cellar steps on a board. EMBARRASSING, more than anything. Guess, I'm going to live. Was having so much FUN, until someone dropped a truck on my back. 8)
The sky was like chocolate pudding and the first one we, could see thru it except for the debri in it. The 2nd one was pure white behind the black, and I do mean the blackest sky I've ever seen........ :shock:

Glad your going to be alright, sounds like a very painful yet interesting experience.