Window Mount for dSLR

Feb 1, 2006
Garland, TX
My window mount has disappeared. Now, I need a new one.

The lost one consisted of a small ball mount on a separate base that attached to the window. It held my dSLR quite well, and the adjustment range was adequate. Seems that both may have been made by Monfrotto. But, maybe there is a better setup that someone else has found.

What's the best solution?
I also have the Bushnell one and like it. Very sturdy metal construction.
I've got a Manfrotto 3292 window clamp with a 390RC2 pan/tilt head on it. The latter was improtant for me simply because my tripods use the same plate size. This is a nice stable setup, but can get rather tall depending on the car window frame and camera you have to deal with. B&H carries them, bit more expensive than when I bought mine.