Wilson Cellphone amp FOR SALE 95 shipped

Wilson Cellphone amp FOR SALE 95.00 shipped priority mail with delivery confirmation

I have a used wilson direct connect cellphone amp for sale.

I have upgraded my amp to a wireless amp and have this direct connect famp for sale will work with all carriers except nextel/sprint/boost

It is a model 801201

Passes TIA/EIA-98-E Transmit test for evaluation CDMA Cellular Phones
Power Control Logic ensures maximum output power is within Cellular Standards
Allows multiple phones to be used simultaneously
Allows cellular phone to operate properly with all types of modulations including CDMA
Maximum 3 Watts output power
Designed for all cellular systems: AMPS, CDMA, EDGE, GPRS, GSM and TDMA (not compatible with Nextel/iDEN)
Automatic Gain Control
Overload Protection Circuit - Protects cell system from overload
Automatic Reset - if overload occurs
FCC Type Accepted